Your K-W Weekend Roundup: June 23-25

This is part of a new series we’ve launched! Every Friday, we’ll find some of the best events and things happening on the weekend. If you like it, let us know in the comments or on social media and we’ll keep doing them.

Anyways, here are some of the best things happening in Kitchener-Waterloo this weekend!

Friday, June 23

Will You Be My Friend? – Janice-Jo Lee

Photo: Green Light Arts

What is it? This musical-comedy performance is part of Green Light Arts‘ In The Centre series, which features a number of performances at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts. Will You Be My Friend is the latest in that series, and it’s all about Janice Jo Lee‘s journey to find her place as a person of colour in the community.

When does it start? There are four performances of this show, one of which already happened yesterday. Tonight and Saturday’s shows kick off at 8pm, and Sunday’s performance begins at 4pm.

Where is it happening? The Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Kitchener.

How much does it cost? General admission is $20, and Students/Seniors get in for $15. You can get your tickets here.

Why should you go? If you’ve seen any of Janice’s previous spoken word or musical performances, you’ll know how powerful her performances are. Will You Be My Friend is sure to be no different.

Talk to the Hand: 90’s Film Festival

Photo: Flickr

What is it? A 90’s. Film. Festival. Need we say more?

When does it start? Friday at 6:30pm, and there’s a whole lineup of movies running until next Thursday(!)

How much does it cost? Tonight’s movies are ticketed just like normal at the Apollo. On Saturday and next Thursday, the theatre will be hosting two special events: Wayne’s World Schwing-Along Party & Dazed and Confused End of School Screening And Patio Party (Both require purchasing special tickets).

Where is it happening? Apollo Cinema in downtown Kitchener.

Why should you go? The 90’s was a pretty incredible time for film, so a local festival celebrating that is pretty awesome!

Steel Rails 2017

Photo: Facebook

What is it? We’re honestly not sure. It definitely involved trains and art, but everything else is a mystery. And that’s the whole point.

When does it start? 4:30pm sharp.

How much does it cost? It varies. All 600 tickets sold out in 2 minutes way back in May, but there are still tickets being re-sold on the event Facebook page (as of Friday at 2pm).

Where is it happening? Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex near the universities.

Why should you go? There’s something about a good mystery that’s just so intriguing. If you’re still not sure what to expect, check out this video they made from last year’s event.

J’ouvert in June: A Caribbean Paint Party

Photo: Facebook

What is it? We think the University of Waterloo Federation of Students‘ website sums up this event quite nicely:

“J’Ouvert, in the Caribbean, is THE PARTY that starts the Carnival season celebrations and … ACS (Association of Carribean Students) is bringing this experience to the UW students and KW region.”

We don’t know about you, but that sounds like one hell of a party.

When does it start? 10pm

How much does it cost? Tickets are purchased at the door: $7 before 11pm, and $10 after 11pm.

Where is it happening? The Bombshelter Pub at the University of Waterloo.

Why should you go? With great DJ’s and an awesome atmosphere, this will definitely be the party to be at this weekend!

Saturday, June 24

The 4th Dimension

Photo: Facebook

What is it? This is the end-of-year year show for a local dance studio called Bringing Tap Back, located in Kitchener.

When does it start? 5:30pm

Where is it happening? J.G. Hagey Hall of the Humanities, Humanities Theatre at the University of Waterloo.

How much does it cost? $22 in advance, and $25.30. Tickets can be bought here.

Why should you go? It’s a chance to see some great local and developing dancers from a really great studio!

The Lazys at Maxwell’s

Photo: Facebook

What is it? We mentioned The Lazys in an older blog post we did in May, but we’re mentioning them here again because they are absolutely worth it! They’re kind of like a modern ACDC, which is pretty awesome. Here’s one of their songs that really shows the similarities! They’ll be closing out the show after following wsg, Royalfuzz, and The Wormwood Scrubs.

When does it start? 7:30pm

Where is it happening? Maxwell’s Concerts & Events on University Avenue.

How much does it cost? $15 – You can get your tickets to this show here.

Why should you go? It’s going to be a loud and rockin’ night at one of Kitchener-Waterloo’s best venues!

KW Multicultural Festival

Photo: Facebook

What is it? It’s a huge celebration of Kitchener-Waterloo’s diversity and multiculturalism and features a wide variety of different performances. This year is the 50th year of the festival, making it all the more special! I

When does it start? This festival starts on Saturday at 10am, and goes all day Saturday AND Sunday!

Where is it happening? Victoria Park in downtown Kitchener

How much does it cost? $0 – this is a FREE event!

Why should you go? Hundreds of craft vendors, food tents & trucks, community groups, local performers and a headline performance by Alysha Brilla & the Brilltones to cap it all off? Why SHOULDN’T you go?

Sunday, June 25

In Orbit @ The Jazz Room

Photo: YouTube

What is it? In Orbit is a really cool jazz group who are led by saxophonist Jeff Coffin. Their music is a perfect fit for The Jazz Room and a fantastic way to end their 2016/2017 season.

When does it start? 4pm

Where is it happening? The Jazz Room in Uptown Waterloo.

How much does it cost? $20

Why should you go? To unwind and enjoy some great music on a Sunday evening!

KWLT Roundtable: Characters

Photo: Facebook

What is it? Great characters are absolutely essential to any story, whether it be movies, theatre productions, or books. But how exactly do filmmakers, screenwriters and writers craft these characters? The Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre will be hosting a discussion with Adrienne Dandy and Michelle Cutts to attempt to answer this question!

When does it start? 6:30pm

Where is it happening? Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre in Uptown Waterloo.

How much does it cost? To be determined! (It’s not really clear on their website, so we have contacted them and will update this when we get an answer!)

Why should you go? This is a great opportunity to learn from two experienced theatre experts in KW! It’s sure to be super interesting, even if you’re not in theatre yourself!

What do you think? Did one of these events or activities stand out to you? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe for more great articles like this!

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